Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the simplest way to bleach your teeth. It is recommended to perform a dental hygiene procedure before the tooth bleaching in order to ensure a more efficient result of bleaching. Teeth whitening procedure lasts a little more than an hour at our clinic. We use qualitative bleaching gel – 37 % carbamide peroxide which does not cause tooth sensitivity. Applied bleaching gel is activated by a powerful „Radii Plus“ diode lamp – in this way, the substance penetrates into the tooth surface faster.

In order to get the best result of teeth bleaching, it is suggested continuing bleaching teeth at home by means of specially-designed dental trays. Bleaching by means of dental trays at home is recommended for those patients who can have more time for them and would like to control the strength of tooth bleaching on their own. A 7–10-day course of bleaching is necessary.

Tooth bleaching is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women and those ones with systematic diseases, in case of intensive dental caries and patients with dental braces or having problems with tooth sensitivity.