Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is prophylactics and treatment of children’s diseases of teeth and mucous membranes in case of a deciduous and mixed occlusion.

Services of care and treatment of children’s teeth:

  • Caries treatment and fillings of the deciduous teeth. If the children desire, they can choose a filling of the favorite color.
  • Baby bottle tooth decay (early multiple caries) prophylactics and treatment.
  • Covering of the permanent teeth with dental sealants – sealing of grooves of the molars with liquid filling substance intended for the protection of a just-cut tooth from possible caries.
  • Removal of the primary teeth. This service is performed if the tooth is irreparably damaged either by the trauma or the infection from the tooth decay. It may be also necessary if the baby teeth are preventing permanent teeth to erupt.
  • Mouth hygiene lessons for children and parents.
  • Prophylactics of wrong occlusion by means of “orthodontic trainers” which make the teeth straight and improve the function of muscles.
  • Consulting and treatment of treatment-fearing and complicated children.
Service by: Mindaugas Brusokas.