Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry means changing the improper dental shape, position and color, restoring missing dental tissues and the natural dental structure with the help of different means and technologies. Aesthetic dentistry means a beautiful smile and an excellent self-esteem.

Services of aesthetic dentistry:

  • Aesthetic teeth filling – restoration or beautifying the color, transparency or shape of the teeth or restoration of worn, broken or caries-damaged teeth with the help of filling substances.
  • Tooth bleaching is a cosmetic dental treatment procedure or, in other words, bleaching of the color of teeth with the help of various means. In our dentistry clinic an especially modern bleaching lamp is used which enables performing a tooth bleaching procedure in an hour and advanced bleaching substances do not cause any teeth sensitivity.
  • Dental veneers (a.k.a. dental porcelain laminates) – are thin plates covering the lip surface of the fore teeth in order to get an especially aesthetic image.
  • Dental crowns or coronas mean the restoration of the shape of a tooth with the help of a zirconia crowns  (metal-free ceramics) or metal ceramics capsule if the rest dental tissues are not sufficient for the restoration of the dental crown by filling. It also protects the dental crown from a possible break.
  • Dental bridges are the restoration of a missing tooth or a few teeth with the help of zirconia crowns (metal-free ceramics) or metal ceramics by using the adjacent teeth like supports.